Ana Micaela Alterio

PhD in Advanced Studies in Human Rights by Carlos III de Madrid University. University. Her thesis: ‘‘A democratic critique to neo-constitutionalism and its political and institutional implications” granted her the extraordinary doctorate award. She got her lawyer degree in the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. In the same province she was the Human Rights Coordinator until 2007, when she got theMAEC-AECI scholarship and went to Spain for her postgraduate studies. In Madrid, she got a diploma on political and constitutional studies from the Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales de Madrid, and a Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Human Rights by Carlos III de Madrid University, in which she was granted the extraordinary award too. She has made research stays in the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, Germany, and in Columbia University in New York. Currently she is a candidate for the National System of Researchers; a subsidiary of CONACYT. She has several publications in academic journals, book chapters and she has coordinated with Roberto Niembro Ortega the books Constitucionalismo Popular en Latinoamérica (Porrúa, 2014) and La Suprema Corte y el matrimonio igualitario en México (IIJ-UNAM 2017).

Roberto Niembro Ortega

Roberto Niembro Ortega teaches Constitutional Law at the ITAM. He is also the co-chair of the Mexican Chapter of the ICON-S. He received his Ph.D. from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (with distinction CUM LAUDE and he is a CONACYT Scholar).He holds an LL.M. from NYU (Hauser Global Scholar) as well. He is the author of Conceptualizing authoritarian constitutionalism (VRÜ 2016) and co-authored with Micaela Alterio Constitutional Culture and Democracy in Mexico. A critical view of the 100-YEAR-OLD Mexican Constitution in Constitutional democracy in crisis? (Oxford University Press 2018, eds. Graber, Levinson and Tushnet). He is the co-editor of Jurisprudencia del Tribunal Constitucional Español (Porrúa 2012 with Luis Pomed and Luis Alberto Trejo), Constitucionalismo Popular en Latinoamérica (Porrúa 2014 with Micaela Alterio), Constitucionalismo progresista: Retos y perspectivas. Un homenaje a Mark Tushnet (IIJ-UNAM 2016 with Roberto Gargarella), La Suprema Corte y el matrimonio igualitario en México (IIJ-UNAM 2017 with Micaela Alterio), and the forthcoming paper Diez sentencias emblemáticas de la Suprema Corte (IIJ-UNAM with Pedro Salazar and Carlos Alonso). He is the author of “La justicia constitucional de la democracia deliberativa” (Marcial Pons 2019) and the co-editor of “Teorías críticas y derecho mexicano” (Tirant lo Blanch 2019) with Jaime Cardenas and Aleida Hernández.